See soccer star’s reaction to tossed banana

See soccer star’s reaction to tossed banana

태그 : 다니알베스
영상 시간 : 2:11
평점 : 4.86

좋아요 : 1913 , 안좋아요 : 56

출처 : CNN

Barcelona soccer star Danny Alves has banana thrown at him during game. He bit back. More from CNN at To license this and other …

업데이트 날짜 : 2014-04-28 16:36:25
Barcelona soccer star Danny Alves has banana thrown at him during game. He bit back. More from CNN at To license this and other …


  1. NightPhoenix652 - WoT and Mapping

    I dont get this, why was that racist?

  2. Since the day white Europeans learned how to make guns and started heading to the rest of the world, they have been repeating the same behavior of savage killings, land grabs, lootings, and exploitation wherever they landed. They have never been satisfied but are always blood thirsty more. in Zimbabwe, one white British farmer owned 470, 000sq farm land which is bigger than the size of some European countries. Worst of all, he didn't buy that land but looted from the natives forcefully as same as his comrades. After Mugabe's land redistribution, these same white immigrant criminals and their children are asking their so called "farm lands" back.. Just think about it how greedy and immoral are these evil creatures.? The best way to deal with white people is to kill them period, otherwise you will always end up being another of their victims if you dare to reason with them. These people left their origin sin place Europe for a reason.

  3. The perfect response. Didn't give those backward cunts the reaction they were fishing for.

  4. For many racists from northern Europe Spaniards are not white enough :))Some Aryans should throw a bananas at Villarreal fans. Maybe their views would change.

  5. as a businessmen, I find selling bananas at an European football stadium could be a profitable business

  6. Those kind of ppl should not be allowed to carry on that way at these games. They should be thrown out at the first sight of this type of behavior. White ppl are no more superior than any other race, period. It's nonsense and those ppl have a superiority complex.

  7. its Dani not Danny

  8. And what if the banana was poisoned?

  9. Why does the newscaster look happy


  11. why is it racist?

  12. Like as if Daniel Alves would give two sheets about it…I mean,the guy is fucking Millionaire. Probably has more money than everyone on the stage combined…So Eating the Banana Was not only saying that he gives 0 fucks about racism,but also demostrates that he is way richer and more influent than the bastard who threw the banana.

  13. I remember that. They won the game and at the press conference Dani Alves thanked the racist fan from the opposite team, saying that the banana gave him strength to win the game. lol

  14. I like Alves's reaction to the banana thrower at him

  15. Why dani is going to care, he goes home and get lost inside of it, goes out have to think what's he gonna drive and earns more than the whole stadium, and who did that wakes up at 5 go work on a place a bet ya he hates and is broke haha, like a boss. Indeed
    Valew dani voce e fera

  16. took it like a boss

  17. hmmmm.. hey john toss him 'nother one..the joe young loves it

  18. ţĥè qůêêñ/ màðŕíđíà


  19. I Hope you SPICS Take Notice that These Pale Beastly Krakkas don't like y'all Coon asses Either!!! SHAVE any animal down and they have Pale skin!!! Also White ppl don't have hair they have fur which is why they get lice!!!

  20. Shame on that cunt who threw that banana. I bet he kicks the ball more like his grandmother

  21. like a boss

  22. Dani Alves: the legend
    Dani Alves : A Lenda

  23. somos todos monos

  24. that guy is a badass.

  25. my man is dani alves, so so good🙀 say no to racism ;–)

  26. Black people are monkeys, Orc hoards

  27. how amazing would it be if barca scored from that corner

  28. idk how this is racist can anyone tell me

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